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Eucalyptus melliodora

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

honey box, yellow jacket, dargan, yellow ironbox, honey-scented gum.

Medium sized to tall graceful tree to 25m high with weeping branches. Bark - brown, somewhat fibrous and persistent on all lower trunk, yellowish or green and smooth above.

Leaves - alternate, narrow to broad, 7.15cm long, 7.25mm wide, bright to dull green or somewhat bluish.

Flowers - whitish, borne in clusters of 7.

Fruit - hemispherical, 5-7mm diameter, shortly stalked, the valves small and enclosed.

Flowering spring – summer, usually more heavily every second year.


Almost exclusively on sandy or loamy alluvial soils of the major river floodplains, with isolated pockets of occurrence on highly fertile basaltic soils.


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