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The role of the
Goondiwindi Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens are primarily for everyone to enjoy, but they also have serious scientific and educational purposes.


The combination of rainfall, temperature range and soil types has created an ecosystem which is both robust and fragile. There are no other Botanic Gardens in Australia capable of growing this particular combination of inland plants, most of which cannot survive in the wetter coastal climates.


Because the original plant communities have been so greatly modified by human activities, it is important to maintain some areas in their natural state as a “living record” of the past. This is not only for historical reasons, but can also provide valuable information when we need to repair landscapes that have become degraded and are losing their productive capacity. Reserves of natural vegetation are sources of genetic material, and help us to preserve the rich variety of plant species that are an essential part of healthy ecosystems and the human life which depends on them.

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