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Eucalyptus ochrophloia

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Napunyah, lapunyah, yellow jacket.

Tree to 15m high, with many erect branches and drooping foliage; bark dark, somewhat fibrous to scaly near the base where it is persistent and occurs as a distinct stocking, smooth, yellowish to salmon-pink, or red, often somewhat shining above, peeling off in ribbons.

Leaves - alternate, narrow-lanceolate, 10-14cm long, 1-2.5cm wide, glossy, bright-green, stalked.

Flowers - cream, borne in clusters of 3-7, each cluster at the end of an almost cylindrical common stalk 10-15 mm long forming part of a large axillary or terminal panicle.

Flowers - buds 12-15mm long, 5-6mm wide, the cap conical or strongly beaked, as long as the base.

Fruit - club-shaped to cylindrical, 12-15mmm long 6-8mm diameter, on a short stalk, the valves deeply enclosed.

Flowering mainly spring-early summer.


Sandy and clayey banks and flats of watercourses, forming the dominant vegetation or growing in association with coolabah.


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