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Pandorea pandorana

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Inland wonga vine, western wonga vine, spearwood

Robust hairless climber, with woody twining branches 2-5m long.

Leaves - opposite, stalked, divided into 5-9 or occasionally 15 leaflets, the leaflets ovate-oblong, 2-7cm long; juvenile leaflets coarsely toothed and smaller.

Flowers - in loose panicles, each flower tubular with 5 broad lobes, 20-30mm long, about 6mm diameter, cream or whitish, spotted inside with dark-red.

Fruit - an oblong woody capsule, 4-7 cm long, splitting longitudinally into 2 valves; seeds flat, winged all round.

Flowering mostly winter-spring.

Indigenous uses - canes apparently used for spear shafts.


Hilly sandstone/quartzite rock outcrops.

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