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Eucalyptus albens

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Tree that grows to 15-25m in height, with a straight trunk for about half its total height and a branched, spreading crown. It has rough, fibrous bark on the base of its trunk and smooth, white bark above. The heavy and hard wood has been known to be used for railway sleepers and fence posts

Leaves - on young plants are arranged alternately, egg-shaped to almost round, bluish grey, 90–150 mm long, 60–115 mm wide and have a petiole. Adult leaves are lance-shaped, dull greyish green and paler on one side, 100–160 mm long and 17–30 mm wide with a petiole 15–22 mm long.

Flowers - white. Groups of seven spindle-shaped flower buds are arranged in leaf axils or on the ends of the branches.

Fruit - barrel-shaped to urn-shaped 6–14 mm long and 5–10 mm wide.

Flowering August – February.


grassy eucalypt woodlands on plains or gently sloping areas. Commonly associated with inland grey box, fuzzy box, yellow box, Pilliga grey box, red ironbark, narrow-leaved ironbark, Blakely's red gum, apple species, black cypress, white cypress, kurrajong and wattles species.


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