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Callistemon viminalis/Melaleuca viminalis

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Red Bottlebrush, Drooping Bottlebrush, Creek bottlebrush

Some herbaria use the name Melaleuca viminalis. Multi-trunked, large shrub or tree to 10m with hard bark, often pendulous foliage.

Leaves - narrow 3-6 mm wide, 40-70 mm long.

Flowers - borne in spikes 40-150 mm long with prominent red stamens 15-25 mm long. Petals are greenish or pale coloured, tiny, inconspicuous and in some cases deciduous.

Fruits - 5-6 mm in diameter and the seed is held for a few seasons. New growth emerges from the ends of the inflorescence and the young leaves have bronze-coloured hairs.

Flowering September to December and often bears small numbers of flowers throughout the year.


Mostly grows in and along watercourses, mainly in sandstone or granite country.

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