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Santalum acuminatum

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Native peach, quandong.

Spindly shrub or shapely tree to about 5m tall, with somewhat drooping branchlets, the bark light-brown and slightly furrowed.

Leaves – opposite shortly stalked, olive-green, lanceolate, 5-7cm long, 4-10mm wide, tapering to a curved point.

Flowers – whitish or cream, about 2mm long, in short panicles at the ends of the branchlets.

Fruit – fleshy, bright-red, globular, 2-3cm diameter, with a large deeply pitted stone.

Flowering – spring – summer.


Sands, sandy loams, gravelly ridges and occasionally on rocky hillsides, in numerous woodland communities.

13, 26

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