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Ventilago viminalis

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Vinetree, thandorah

Small to medium sized tree to 10m high, single trunked or with a number of much intertwined smaller trunks, the branches flexible and dropping, sometimes intertwined, the bark dark, rough and furrowed, paler on younger parts.

Leaves - alternate, 5-15cm long, 6-12 mm wide, dark glossy-green, short-stalked, narrow-lanceolate, blunt at the tip with a prominent light-coloured mid-vein, the lateral veins very slanting.

Flowers - borne in drooping raceme-like panicles in the leaf axils, cream-coloured, small, about 5mm diameter, lacking petals, the 5 sepals over 2mm long and spreading.

Fruit - small globular one-seeded nut at one end of a straight yellowish-green oblong wing, the whole about 25mm long.

Flowering spring-early summer.


Variable; occurs on heavy clay soils on floodplains in black box communities and is also commonly found on sandy red earths on level sandplains and undulating to hilly country, in communities generally dominated by bimble box, red box, white cypress pine or mulga.

6, 7, 20

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