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Acacia fasciculifera

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Scaly bark, rosewood

The tree can grow to a height of up 10 to 20 m and forms a dense canopy. It has winding and pendulous branchlets that are hairless.

Leaves - The light green phyllodes have a narrowly oblong to narrowly elliptic shape. The phyllodes have a length of 4 to 15 cm and a width of 7 to 20 mm with prominent midribs and marginal nerves.

Flowers - in clusters usually occurring in groups of two to eight with spherical flower-heads containing 20 to 40 cream coloured flowers.

Pods - leathery seed pods that form after flowering have a length of up to 12.5 cm and a width of 10 to 13 mm and have a prominent nerve along the margin. The slightly shiny dark brown flat seeds within the pod have an oblong to orbicular shape with a length of 6 to 7 mm.

Flowering mostly in the summer months between November and March.


It is found on ridges and along creek lines growing as a part of Eucalyptus woodland communities.


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