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Acacia stenophylla

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

River myall, belalie, dunthy, black wattle, dalby myall, ironwood, native willow, eumung, eumong, gurley.

Straggly shrub or tree, to 10m high, with drooping leaves and small branches.

Leaves - broad-linear, 15-40cm or more long, 3-6mm broad, somewhat hoary, slightly curved, thick, rigid, striated with 15-20 longitudinal veins.

Flowers - pale-yellow, in globular heads 6-9 mm diameter which are borne on stalks 6-10 mm long in clusters or short racemes of 1-several heads in the leaf axils, each head composed of 25-30 minute individual flowers.

Pods - 10-20 cm long to 10 mm broad, leathery, rather thick, strongly constricted between the longitudinally arranged seeds.

Flowering mostly summer – early autumn.

Indigenous uses - edible seeds used as a food source


On heavy clay soils in river red gum communities along river and creek banks and swamp margins and on islands in rivers and swamps; also occurs in Mitchell grass, black box, bimble box, coolibah and belah communities but usually not far away from a river or creek channel.

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