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Dicanthium sericeum

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Silky bluegrass, bluegrass.

Variable perennial grass, 30-80cm tall, slender erect, tussocky.

Stems - smooth, hairless, densely branched at the base and often from the upper nodes; nodes 3-4, bearded with long white hairs.

Leaves - flat or folded , 8-15cm long, 2-4mm wide, with prominent white midribs and edges, typically hairless but some forms have a dense covering of white hairs and bristles.

Flowerhead - 2-7 spike-like branches clustered at the tip of the stem, the spikes bluish or pale-green, 4-7cm long, borne well above the uppermost leaves at maturity.

Flowering spring-summer.


Most frequent on clay soils in association with Mitchell grass but occurs on many soil types and in a range of vegetation communities; usually more abundant in situations receiving extra moisture during summer due to flooding or rainfall run-off.


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