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Acacia victoriae

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Elegant acacia, bramble wattle, pin bush, gundabluie, narran, gundabluey, elegant wattle, royal acacia, acacia bush, acacia, bohemia.

Erect shrub or small tree, to 4 m high, sometimes with a somewhat brambly appearance, the branches downy or hairless, the foliage often with a whitish bloom.

Leaves - broad-linear, 2-5 cm long, 2-7 mm broad, with one central vein, rounded at the tip and often with a short stiff point, grey-green coloured, usually with 2 spines to 8mm long on the branch at the base of the leaf.

Flowers - pale cream to bright yellow, in globular heads 5-6 mm diameter which are borne singly, in pairs, in clusters, or in racemes of 8-14 in the leaf axils, each head with a stalk 6-12 mm long and composed of about 30 minute individual flowers.

Pods - flattish, 4-7.5cm long, 6-13mm broad, straight, the seeds almost globular, transversely arranged.

Flowering late spring – summer.


Variable; open black box communities on heavy grey clay soils; mulga communities on sandplains; frequent on sand hills and in the sandy soil of creek beds and banks.


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