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Eucalyptus populnea

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

bimble box, round-leaf box, bimbil box, red box, bimbil, white box, egolla, nankeen gum, round-leaved box, shiny-leaf box, poplar-leaved box.

Medium sized tree 12-20m tall. Bark - fibrous, light grey to grey-brown, persistent on all but the smallest branches.

Leaves - distinctive glossy, dark green; alternate, round 5-9cm long, 2-5 cm wide, sometimes with a notch or cut near the tip.

Flowers - whitish, in small terminal panicles comprised of clusters of 4-7 flowers.

Fruit - more or less ovoid, 4-5 mm diameter, stalked, the valves enclosed.

Flowering late summer.


Variable, most common on red earth of clay loam to sandy loam texture, often with gravel in the profile, growing in association with white cypress pine, grey box, or red box; less common but widespread on sandplains with deep loamy sands, growing in association with mulga and ironwood; also in the more arid parts of the region, found along sandy water courses and in small terminal drainage depressions with sandy soils overlying clay at depth. Is widespread throughout the Upper Darling Basin except in highly fertile soils. Often indicative of the decline of top soil.

2, 3, 8, 17

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