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Cadellia pentastylis

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Small to medium tree 10 m – 15 m with dark, hard and scaly bark. The Ooline is a relic of the Gondawanan rainforests that once covered inland Australia. As a result of extensive clearing for agriculture and grazing this attractive tree is now listed as a vulnerable species.

Leaves - bright green, glossy above, dull and paler below, undivided, oval in shape, 1 – 7 cm long, 1.5 – 2 cm wide, on short hairy stalks 2-7mm long.

Flowers - five white petals, about 5–7 mm in length.

Pods - brownish, wrinkled, and remains surrounded by five red sepals at its base. Appearing after flowering from November to December. Large percentage of the seeds are infertile.

Flowering October to December.


It has rain forest origins dating from the Pleistocene Era when much of Australia was wetter than it is today. It grows naturally in dry rainforest and semi-evergreen vine thickets of the Brigalow Belt on moderately fertile soils. A stand of Oolines can be found close to Terry Hie Hie near Moree, and in the Kindon district, north east of Goondiwindi.

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