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Lysiphyllum hookeri

Plant Family

Fabaceae, Subfamily Caesalpinioideae

Alternative Common Names

pegunny, alibangbang, Hooker's bauhinia, white bauhinia, mountain ebony and Queensland ebony.

Small tree to about 6 m high, young growth is a coppery colour, changing to light green.

Leaves - with only a single pair of leaflets, producing a bi-lobed leaf that resembles the wings of a butterfly, slightly larger than L. carronii.

Flowers - showy white flowers about 8 cm across are produced throughout the year dependent on rainfall, and are accented by long red stamens. They also have a lovely delicate scent.

Pods - are dark brown and flat containing multiple seeds.

Flowering usually spring.


These trees grow naturally in monsoon forest, littoral rainforest and occasionally in more open forest types in north-eastern Australia. It has also been widely cultivated throughout Australia and the pacific region as a drought-tolerant ornamental plant.


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