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Alectryon subdentatus

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Shrub or small tree with dense foliage. Bird attracting.

Leaves - an equal number of leaflets on either side of the central stalk, 5–12 cm long with the lowest leaflets smallest; leaflets 4–6 or occasionally 2, mostly 1–8 cm long, 0.5–4 cm wide, apex obtuse to acute, margins toothed to almost entire, upper surface smooth, lower surface usually sparsely hairy, reticulum prominent and raised when dry; petiole (stalk joining leaf) 5–20 mm long.

Flowers - loose branching cluster, flowers are small.

Pods - lobes 1 or 2 giving it a slight heart shape, attached directly at its base, 8–12 mm long, 12–20 mm wide, hairy; compressed, drying woody; seed black, aril red.


In vine thickets and dry rainforest. Occurs with Ooline communities.


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