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Notelaea microcarpa

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

velvet mock olive

A bush or small crooked tree, sometimes multistemmed; branches pubescent or velvety when young; axillary buds 2–4, pointed, pubescent or velvety.

Leaves - lanceolate to narrow-elliptic, 2–15 cm long, 3–30 mm wide, apex acute or obtuse and often with a pointed tip, venation raised and reticulate on upper surface, less so on lower surface.

Flowers - Racemes 0.5–2 cm long, 9–13-flowered, finely pubescent especially towards the base. Petals 1.4–2 mm long, greenish yellow, yellow or cream. Stamens 1–1.5 mm long.

Fruit - globose, 5–10 mm long, fleshy, dark blue to purple.

Flowering June–December


usually in the under-storey of eucalyptus woodland.

7, 9, 12, 14, 21

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