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Jasminum didymum subsp. lineare

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Desert jasmine

Stout vine, with twining stems 7-10cm diameter, climbing on trees to a height of 3-4m or forming a tangled shrub 1-2m high, the plant almost hairless or covered with a hoary down.

Leaves - mostly opposite, divided into 3 linear-lanceolate leaflets, the terminal leaflet 3-10cm long, the lateral ones shorter.

Flowers - small white, reddish when dry, sweetly fragrant, borne in small 3-flowered panicles, funnel shaped with 5-6 short spreading overlapping lobes, the tubular part 6mm long.

Fruit - fleshy black globular berry, 8-10mm diameter.

Flowering summer.


Occurs on arrange of soils including red earths and gravelly loams in a variety of woodland communities.

1, 18, 21

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