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Native fuchsia

Eremophila maculata ‘Goondiwindi form’

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Densely branched shrub 2.5-3m high.

Leaves - alternate dull green to almost bluish-green, 1-3cm long, 2-9mm wide, tapered at both ends.

Flowers - red, orange or yellow, the inside paler and spotted with red or brown, borne singly in the leaf axils on slender hairless “S” shaped stalks 10-25 mm long, each flower tubular, slightly curved, 22-35 mm long, hairless outside, partly bearded inside, with an upper lip of 4 short pointed lobes and a single oblong lower lip which is cut deeply into the tube and curves back towards the base.

Fruit - large globular drupe, 15-20 mm diameter, at first rather succulent, later hard and smooth with a shiny grey parchment-like skin.

Flowering mostly winter-spring, sometimes well into summer.


Generally, in areas which receive run-off water, on soils ranging from heavy clays to clay loams and duplex soils on floodplains of rivers and creeks; in Mitchell grass, saltbush, mulga, black box and several other communities.


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