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Lysiphyllum carronii

Plant Family

Fabaceae, Subfamily Caesalpinioideae

Alternative Common Names

Northern Bean Tree, Red Bauhinia, Queensland Ebony

Semi-deciduous tall shrub or small tree 6-10m high.

Leaves - ovate in outline; two-lobed butterfly leaves characteristic of bauhinias, mostly 16–30 mm long, 10–20 mm wide, 4–7 veined.

Flowers - red-rusty brown, scented 3-5cm across.

Pods - oblong and black when ripe, 5–12 cm long, 25–40 mm wide; seeds 1–6.

Flowering spring and summer.

Indigenous uses - harvested the nectar from the flowers as a sweet food.


Grows on red sandy plains, is rare.

10, 12, 20, 25

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