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Eucalyptus crebra

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

narrow-leaved red ironbark, simply ironbark, muggago

Tree that typically grows to a height of 35 m. It has persistent thick, rough, deeply furrowed, greyish black "ironbark" from the base of its trunk to the small branches.

Flowers - buds are arranged in groups of seven, nine or eleven. Mature buds are club-shaped, spindle-shaped, or diamond-shaped to oval, 3–7 mm long and 2–4 mm wide and green to yellow with a conical to rounded operculum. Flowers are white.

Fruit - woody cup-shaped, barrel-shaped or hemispherical capsule 2–7 mm long and 2.5–6 mm wide on a pedicel 1–6 mm long.

Flowering has been recorded in most months.


Grows in sandy soils in woodland and forest.


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