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Capparis lasiantha

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Maypan, nipan, slip-jack, honeysuckle

Course spiny vine or small to medium scrambling shrub up to 1.5m high and 2-3m wide; covered in all parts with a thick hair.

Leaves - narrow-oblong, 3–8 cm long, 7–20 mm wide.

Flowers – masses of white to pale yellow flowers, sweet smelling, very downy, borne singly or in pairs on stalks bout 10mm long in the leaf axils.

Fruit – hairless ovoid berry, to 30 mm long, yellowish, containing many small seeds embedded in a sweet pulp.

Flowering – spring to summer.

Indigenous uses - rheumatism: swelling, inflammation (an infusion in water of the whole, mashed plants, leaves, stems and roots) was applied externally for swellings, snake bites, insect bites and stings); coughs and colds (used the flower nectar as a cough remedy; ripe yellow fruit is edible.


Usually grows as scattered plants in woodland.


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