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Acacia pendula

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Boree, balaar, nilyah, bastard gidgee, silver leaf boree, true myall, weeping myall

Greyish tree, to 10m high, with conspicuously drooping leaves and branchlets.

Leaves - flat, linear or broadly knife-shaped, silvery, ashy, or yellow-green, 6-9cm long, 4-10mm wide, mostly curved, usually with 3 prominent veins.

Flowers - yellow, in rather sparse globular heads 5-7mm diameter which are borne in the leaf axis in clusters or short racemes, each head composed of a number of minute individual flowers.

Pods - 3-10cm long, 10-12mm wide, flat, winged, often slightly curved.

Flowering mainly summer-autumn


Dominates vegetation communities on sections of the major river floodplains, particularly on heavy clay soils. It is often seen growing on heavy clay soils in the Goondiwindi district.


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