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Astrebla ellymoides

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Weeping mitchell, slender mitchell, loop mitchell.

Erect perennial tussock-grass, 60-90cm high, with a thickened hairless butt. Stems usually branched, bluish-green, mostly hairless and flattened, those bearing the flowerheads a metre or more in length and characteristically recurved or drooping to the ground, sometimes accumulating in masses about the plant.

Leaves - flat, narrow to 25cm long, erect or spreading, usually bristly on the margins and upper surface but smooth on the under surface, becoming rolled and very narrow when dry.

Flower - head slender, spike like, 12-38 cm long, 3mm wide, borne well beyond the uppermost leaves.

Flowering summer-autumn


Cracking heavy grey clay soils usually associated with river floodplains and with mitchell grass or bladder saltbush communities.


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