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Acacia cambagei

Plant Family

Fabaceae , Sub Family - Mimosaceae

Alternative Common Names

Gidyea, gidya, stinking wattle, gidgea

Medium tree 5-10metres high, with brownish deeply furrowed bark.

Leaves – 3-14cm long, 4-10mm wide, often curved with a small bent point at the tip, silvery-grey in colour.

Flowers – yellow in globular heads 3-4mm diameter which are borne on stalks about 4mm long in clusters of 2-10, often a short common stalk, in the leaf axils, each head composed of 12-20 minute individual flowers.

Pods – up to 7cm long and 8mm wide, flattish, hairless, almost straight-edged.

Flowering – autumn-spring.


Often the dominant in dense or more open scrubs on sandy or loamy red earths, also occurs on open plains, along watercourses in association with coolabah, yapunyah and bimble box and around claypans and canegrass swamps on clay soils.

4, 26

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