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Parsonsia eucalyptophylla

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Monkey vine, woodine, vinetree

Stout vine, climbing on dead or living trees, occasionally scrambling over the ground as a low bush or growing on fences, attaching by pads at points of contact with the material on which it climbs.

Leaves - opposite, lanceolate, to 30cm long, thick, stalked, bright yellow-green, smaller and often quite dark-green on young plants.

Flowers - pale-yellow, small, in clusters in the leaf axils, the 5 petals united into a tubular bud, splitting in the upper part and coiling backwards on opening, pleasantly fragrant.

Fruit - blunt tapered-cylindrical pod, about 8cm long, splitting down both sides, the seeds each surmounted by a tuft of spreading silky hairs.

Flowering summer-autumn


Sandy red earths or sandy to loamy textured shallow stony soils in a variety of plant communities including white cypress pine, bimble box, red box rosewood, and mallee; rarely, if ever, of heavy clays.

1, 13, 20, 21

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