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Iseilema vaginiflorum

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Red flinders grass

Annual species, stalk erect, up to 75 cm tall, forming compact or loose spreading tufts.

Stems - erect or spreading, thin, branched, few-noded, purplish, becoming reddish-brown.

Leaves - arise along the erect stem, flat or folded together lengthwise, 10-20 cm long, 2.5-6 mm wide.

Flowerhead - are arranged in mostly terminal clusters, enclosed within leaf-like floral sheaths and flattened laterally. There are often several floral sheaths in a cluster and at maturity seeds fall with floral sheaths intact.

Flowering summer-autumn.


Grows on heavy soils of the inland, in particular cracking clay soils or other alluvial soils subject to periodic inundation. Open black box and bladder saltbush communities.


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