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Acacia tetragonophylla

Plant Family

Fabaceae , Sub Family - Mimosaceae

Alternative Common Names

Prickly wattle, kurara, curare

A tall many-branched shrub or small tree to 4 metres high. The branches hairless and cylindrical.

Leaves – clustered, slender, needle-like, angular, 10-50mm long, about 1mm broad, sharply pointed, with 1-2 prominent veins on each face.

Flowers – deep yellow in globular heads 6-9mm diameter which are borne singly or in clusters of 2-4 in the leaf axils on stalks about as long as the leaves.

Pods – 7-8cm long, 5-6mm broad across the seeds, convex, slightly woods, much curved or twisted.

Flowering – spring


Red earths in mulga and bimble box communities on sandplains and gravelly ridges.


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