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Hakea ivoryi

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Medium tree to 8m high, with rough corky bark.

Leaves – alternate, 5-18cm long, greyish-green, with slender cylindrical segments 4-10cm long which are forked once or more, the ends of the segments sharply pointed.

Flowers – whitish, velvety, on downy stalks, about 6-8mm long, borne in dense cylindrical spikes 3-9cm long.

Fruit – a woody capsule, about 3cm long, 12mm wide near the base, tapering towards the top, with a short in curved pointed beak, splitting into halves lengthwise.

Flowering – spring – summer.


Restricted to sandplain areas on red earth soils in western bloodwood and mulga communities, where it may be scattered or in groups containing several trees. Capable of suckering from the roots.


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