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Corymbia tessellaris

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Moreton Bay Ash

An almost always straight medium to tall tree growing 30-35m. Distinctive rough, tessellated greyish bark on the base and abruptly changing to smooth whitish bark above.

Leaves - adult are arranged alternately, the same shade of green to greyish on both sides, narrow lance-shaped.

Flower - buds are arranged on the ends of branchlets in groups of 3 or 7. Mature buds are oval to pear-shaped, 4–6 mm long and 3–5 mm wide with a rounded operculum, often with a small point on the tip. Flowers are white.

Fruit - cylindrical or urn-shaped, thin-walled capsule 6–12 mm long and 6–10 mm wide on a pedicel 1–3 mm long and with the valves enclosed in the fruit.

Flowering mainly occurs October to January.

Indigenous uses - spear making.


Fast growing tree that is tolerant of hot climates, drought and strong coastal salty winds. Has a lignotuberous (woody swelling of the root crown) and has good erosion control potential.


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