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Dodonaea viscosa

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

giant hopbush, watchupga, switch-sorrel, sticky hopbush, akeake, apiri.

Known as hop bush as they were used to make beer by early European Australians. Tall sticky hairless bushy shrub, 2-3m high.

Leaves - sticky and leathery. The foliage is evergreen, with the leaf shape usually spatulate (spoon-shaped).

Flowers - inconspicuous, borne on stalks in short clusters in the leaf axils, without petals, the sepals green, 3-5, hairy.

Fruit - green, red or purplish capsule, with 3 or 4 spreading vertical wings, 10-18mm long in total and about as broad.

Flowering late winter-spring.

Indigenous uses - treat toothache, cuts and stingray stings.


Loamy red earths in mallee and white cypress pine communities; shallow stony soils of hillslopes and ridges in mugga ironbark and currawang communities.

14, 19

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