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Myoporum insulare

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

native juniper.

Prostrate shrub to a small erect tree growing to a height of 6 m.

Leaves - egg-shaped thick, smooth, dull green 30–90 mm long and 7–22 mm wide with edges that are either untoothed or toothed toward the apex.

Flowers - white with purple spots appearing in the leaf axils in clusters of three to eight and are 6–8 mm in diameter. There are five hairless, smooth sepals and the tube formed by the petals is 2.3–3.6 mm long with the lobes of the tube about the same length. Four stamens usually extend slightly beyond the tube.

Fruit - a smooth, rounded purple to black drupe 4.5–9 mm in diameter.

Flowering October to December.


Thrives in well drained sandy soils in coastal habitats but can tolerate regions with lengthy wet periods and heavy soils.


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