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Eucalyptus largiflorens

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

swamp box, grey box, flooded box, river box, cooburn, ironbark, slaty gum, bastard box, murray box, river black box.

Medium sized tree 10m – 20m high, with a large spreading crown and drooping branches with rough bark to the thinnest branches. The bark is dark grey and fibrous or flaky, sometimes furrowed on the trunk.

Leaves - alternate, lanceolate, 6-12cm long, 1.5 – 2.7cm wide, somewhat thick, dull-green or grey.

Flowers - off-white, borne in clusters of 3-7, each cluster at the end of slender common stalk.

Fruit - hemispherical, about 5mm diameter, on a very short stalk, valves enclosed.

Flowering - spring-summer.

Indigenous uses - after soaking and drying the seeds were ground and eaten raw.


Heavy clay soils of periodically flooded alluvial plains and along dry-lake margins, occurring in monospecific stands or in association with coolabah and river red gum; also in depressions and drainage lines in practically all communities.


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