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Grevillea striata

Plant Family


Alternative Common Names

Silver honeysuckle

Medium tree or robust shrub, 3–15 m high; dark fissured bark. Used for fodder and honey production.

Leaves - flat, linear, 10–45 cm long, mostly 2–10 mm wide, lower surface longitudinally ridged, leathery.

Flowers – white to yellow-green, short in erect spikes 5-8cm long.

Fruit – thin, hard, about 15mm long with an erect beak.

Flowering – summer.

Indigenous uses - bactericides: wounds, sores and ulcers, styptics; miscellaneous uses for asthma, tuberculosis, rabies, cancer, deafness, diabetes, infectious diseases, warts, etc; the dark reddish resin exuded by the tree melts with body heat and may be used as a substitute for pitch in the preparation of ointments and plasters; edible seeds; the sap is scrapped from the damaged beefwood tree then grated into powder and sprinkled on sores, burns and cuts.


Grows in woodland or shrubland communities, on red sand (sometimes on dunes) or black soils or clays.


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